Crazy for the final of the Copa del Rey

Publicado el 28 May 2011
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Copa del Rey

The final of the Copa del Rey captures all eyes of Madrid subjects. This is nothing more and nothing less, to the participants that will play. The Barcelona on one side and Real Madrid on the other. The two largest institutions in the country are measured in a single match to determine who is the best in the competition. Catalan Members beat the historical record that they called for a number of tickets that surpassed the expectations of the organizers. In total were more than 72 000 tickets those claimed by the Barcelona fans. In this way, they already exceeded the amount given in the final of the Champions League in 2006, where were 72.680 requests that were sent.

The time of the call for entries began on Thursday, but as the digit that was announced in a public way has exceeded all expectations, will proceed to a draw in order to distribute the tickets. It must be borne in mind that in the event there will be not only fans of the team led by Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho’s men will be also accompanied by a large group of supporters. In addition, there is still in the retina of all the people of Madrid that categorical defeat suffered in the League in 2010. For that reason, there is no football Real Madrid that doesn’t want to take revenge of that afternoon to oblivion.

On 20 April he will carry out the final of the Copa del Rey, and the scene where the confrontation will be will be the Mestalla, Valencia Stadium. Each team has 19.700 entries, that is 40 per cent of the available capacity in the field.

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